Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Now, Where was I?

We were without internet access for a few days. It was so traumatic, that I couldn't possibly consider blogging. Besides, we were piggybacked on a neighbor's wireless network, unbeknownst to them, so I wasn't about to do anything nonessential, which includes everything but checking e-mail.

I had planned on doing a wrap up of Phase 1 and starting Phase 2, but internet withdrawal rendered me incapable of such things. So I'm extending Phase 1 for another week. My project. I get to do that. Let me know if that seems too power mad.

Let's do a round-up of the days I didn't blog, shall we? I know we're all on the edge of our seats to see how much I was able to get off of my own seat.

Friday: Nope
Saturday: Check (vigorous cleaning)
Sunday: Nope (I might've given myself exercise credit for all the cleaning we did before people came over, except that I spent far more time on my butt, eating cheese.
Monday: Check (walked to class again)
Tuesday: Check (walked to writing group)

So I got 5 whole check marks last week and I already have 2 for this week. Excellent improvement over the first 2 weeks.

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