Thursday, April 10, 2008

Phase 2, Day 2

Today's Roundup (OK, actually Yesterday's Roundup--I need to start flossing earlier, as in before the last possible moment)
Exercise: Nope (foot still hurts in a worrying manner)
Flossing: Check!

Thing I hate about flossing #1:
I have trouble flossing in the back. I have a small jaw. The main reason I needed braces was because there wasn't enough room for all my teeth. One of my wisdom teeth actually cracked from tooth decay because I hadn't been getting my toothbrush back there (and hadn't realized).

But as I was at it last night, I realized that I shouldn't neglect flossing the teeth I can reach easily just because I always leave out a couple of molars. Unhealthy perfectionist streak. I suspect I'll need to address that in other areas of my life as well.

I never imagined I'd get philosophical insight from removing particles from between my teeth.

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