Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Phase 1, Day 11

Today's roundup:
Exercise: Check

2 days in a row! Try not to faint from shock. Yoga class tonight. I even plan on hitting the treadmill tomorrow after work, though I fear the universe will smite me with something to keep it from happening now that I've been so bold as to declare my intentions.

I did hurt my foot an eensy bit tripping over my husband's shoe. While his foot was still in it. He didn't trip me on purpose, and even caught me as I fell, so it's all good. My foot feels OK now, but my clumsiness is such that I wouldn't be surprised if I woke up tomorrow unable to walk without an Ace bandage. I once walked around with torn cartilage in my knee for a year wondering why my bad knee (hurt when I was 12) was acting up so much.

Let's hope this isn't like that.

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