Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Phase 1, Day 18

Today's Roundup
Exercise: Check

Take that! 3 checkmark days in a row. Much more of this getting my act together and I may even get around to wrangling up graphics for the daily roundup. You'd think that someone compulsive enough to start a blog to manage their own self improvement projects would've taken care of that sooner. Just further proof that I really need this project.

Today's exercise was a trip to the gym and 40 whole minutes on the treadmill. Why so long? I was waiting for the latest chapter of Emma by Jane Austen to end. Librivox has really saved my ass with treadmilling. Even listening to music isn't usually enough to end the tedium of walk, walk, walking with no change in scenery. But audiobooks give me just enough stimulation to keep my mind from complaining loudly.

I'm planning on a repeat tomorrow. Go me!

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