Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Phase 1, Day 17

Today's Roundup
Exercise: Check

Thanks to good weather I was able to walk to writing group today. Go me!

And tomorrow? I am so getting my butt onto the treadmill. Interesting. It looks like Week 3 is finally the week when I'm actually able to do it. Maybe I need 4 week phases, so I can have a week of keeping it up before adding another thing. Well, I'll make sure that Phase 2 isn't something that could possibly get in the way of exercising. Because 4 weeks of me talking about whether or not I exercised is lame.

I've been avoiding talking too much about exercise issues and body issues and so on because I really just don't want to go there. I feel better when I exercise. I had barely been exercising at all. Therefore, more exercise needed to happen. And still does.

Future phases will include rambles on the tyranny of the To Do list and why the fuck does my purse weigh so much anyway?

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