Monday, March 10, 2008

Phase 1, Day 2

Dragged my ass to yoga after work even though (like everyone else feeling the Daylight Savings) all I wanted to do was go home and spend some quality time with my pillow. 

You know why? Because if I skipped yoga, then I'd have to tell the blog. The blog that no one reads yet. But still.

There is something to the whole be accountable thing. I totally would had some chocolate to take the edge off, but I'm also back to keeping track of my eating. (I did the Weight Watchers Core plan and I've been following it, except without keeping track. Which means that I can have snacks without doing math and contemplating the ramifications on what I get to eat later on. Which means that I end up pounding back entirely too many cashews and all that monounsaturated fat still contains a lotta calories. And I'm fed up with my pants being too tight. So I'm not waiting to make the eating thing Phase 2 3 weeks from now. Besides, counting points means that I earn activity points for exercising. Which means I get to eat more. Which is the best motivation for exercise I've been able to come up with. Because that whole I'll feel better afterwards thing doesn't cut it when I'm trying to talk myself into not making me go to the gym.)

So anyway, it was yogatastic. I do feel better and I got a little kick about giving myself a little check mark on my calendar. 

Today's roundup:
Exercise: Check

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